Iraqi Pickled Garlic: the Cure-All

beets, chickpeas, garlic, & a full-moon hike

Let me tell you, the Aggs and I have plans for pickling and fermenting all sorts of things. We tend to get a bit dreamy-eyed and forget the details so we decided to have a meeting to draw up a game plan. The objective soon became to pickle at least one jar for each of us by the end of the meeting-also-known-as-lunch.

There is this book that I think is perfect for our ambitions called The Art of Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz with a forward by my hero Michael Pollan. We want to make sauerkraut and tempeh and dosas, too.

First day's pickling of choice: garlic! My mom used to always pickle garlic until it was black and make us eat it whenever we were sick. She hasn't made it in years and I miss it. So I called her up and she gave me her recipe which I will gladly share with you. I will also share with you the delicious lunch we ate while dreaming of pickley treats.

pickling garlic.JPG

Mom's Pickled Garlic


enough garlic cloves to fill your jars, still in shells                                                         apple cider vinegar to cover entire jar


step 1: heat apple cider vinegar over stove on medium heat for about 20 minutes
step 2: placed garlic cloves in jar
step 3: pour warm apple cider vinegar over cloves to cover jar, seal tightly
step 4: don't open until 6 months later! don't store in direct sunlight but somewhere with a little warmth.

beet salad.JPG

Agatha's Chickpea & Beet Salad


2 beets with greens | steamed, coarsely chopped, and cooled

1 can chickpeas | thoroughly rinsed

1/2 red onion | thinly sliced into half moons

some chopped flat leaf parsley 

vinaigrette: salt|pepper|lemon juice | olive oil


step 1: toss together the cooled beets, beet greens, chickpeas, red onion, and parsley
step 2: mix vinaigrette ingredients together and toss in with salad. serve cool.

Oven-Roasted Zucchini with Fresh Oregano

(OK this is seriously AMAZING)



1 large zucchini | from Aggie's garden, super thinly sliced length-wise

a few stems of oregano| also from Aggie's garden
some minced garlic

salt|pepper|olive oil


step 1: set oven to 375 degrees
step 2: toss sliced zucchini in garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil
step 3: lay zucchini on baking dish or pan (easier clean on parchment paper)
step 4: sprinkle oregano on top
step 5: bake zucchini for about 30 minutes or until slightly crispy