Muesli / & Breakfast Stability

☀ Muesli is a popular Swiss breakfast of rolled oats, seeds, nuts, and dried fruit. ☀ 

♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

Muesli came into my life a couple of years ago after my brother suggested it as a replacement for packaged cereals. You know how it is. Breakfast often needs to be quick and easy, especially if you have to wake up super early for work. This is the story of how muesli became my morning friend.

And I can't explain how powerful it is to have a stable breakfast. 

Stability in general, I guess.  

Before muesli came into my life, I was with breakfast the way I was with the rest of my meals: restless. I always wanted to try something new, make something different. I'd wake up a little earlier to make myself fancy omelets, perhaps with a frozen waffle doused in maple syrup or a fruit salad. Sometimes bagels toasted with tomatoes, red onions, & yogurt cheese, then topped with sliced avocado. Or left over cake and coffee.

It was a crazy life, I tell you. 


At some point I started following Darya Pino Rose's blog Summer Tomato. This was also recommended by my brother. She also eats muesli for breakfast. And one thing she said that really resonated with me was that breakfast should be a no-brainer. You shouldn't have to even think about breakfast except that you need to eat it. She recommended picking 2 or 3 easy options and sticking to them. Once in a while, on weekends perhaps, you can deviate,

but why make life more
difficult for yourself?  

So even though I can't seem to apply this strategy to the rest of my life, breakfast has become a no-brainer for me. I usually wake up really hungry, pick out a bowl, use the measuring cup left in the muesli container (1/3 cup), pour it in my bowl, add some chia seeds, add some of the toasted flax in the fridge, throw in some blueberries, and add some organic yogurt. Then I mix it up and eat it. Usually with a cup of black coffee. 

Sometimes I use almond milk. Sometimes I use strawberries or bananas. Sometimes I don't add chia and flax, as this is a recent development. You really can do whatever you want. But this way you are guaranteed a healthy, delicious breakfast. 

It's a no-brainer.  




rolled grain of choice | mine: oats
seeds of choice | mine: pumpkin seeds
nuts of choice | mine: almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, brazil nuts
dried fruit of choice | mine: organic dried currants

topping ideas per serving:
toasted flax seeds | chia seeds
blueberries | strawberries | banana
organic yogurt | organic almond milk 


 Mix all the muesli ingredients together in an airtight container for up to 2 months!

You decide how much of each ingredient you want. I generally use 3 parts oats, 2 parts nuts, 1 part seeds, 1 part dried fruit. I recommend using more oats than nuts.