Merissa's Breakfast Special / Saturn Return Continues

Last month I drove up to Davis to visit my friend Merissa, of Breakfast Special fame, and her husband, Chris, of Scotch with Dark Chocolates fame. Hard to believe it was only our third time meeting in person, since we've been Skyping almost weekly for six or seven months now. We cooked most meals, which I love. Spaghetti squash with homemade pomodoro sauce; the sweet potato and black bean tacos with guacamole and feta; really dark chocolates and scotch for dessert, always; and, of course, Merissa's Breakfast Special.

Merissa is an Alexander Technique teacher, so if you live in or near Davis -- I'm looking at you Sacramento! -- you should definitely contact her!

Yeah, I had no clue what Alexander Technique was, either.

Alexander Technique, often callously associated with posture correction, is actually quite poetic and beautiful when Merissa explains it. Here is my clumsy interpretation, if I may: we go about our lives carrying ourselves a certain way -- the only ways we know how -- often times using our bodies inefficiently, exhausting ourselves. Those learned habits convince us to push through, to survive our lives, often creating so much physical and emotional discomfort. We can go to yoga class or get a massage once in a while, but those things are temporary and often like bandaids. So Alexander Technique teachers are there to teach you a new, more efficient way to move. It's something you can't teach yourself because in the very act of attempting you are overextending, defeating the purpose.  So, Merissa literally moves your body more efficiently, training your instinctual body to move that way without having to be conscious of it. You don't have to do anything but trust her because she trained at the largest most impressive Alexander Technique school in London. You don't have to memorize anything or practice at home. In fact, that would be regressive. You just show up and let her teach your body, not your brain.

And then you let her teach your stomach because she makes a mean breakfast special. 


Merissa's Breakfast Special 

ingredients for three: 

  • 3 corn tortillas 
  • a large handful of greens (she uses spinach) 
  • 3 organic, pastured eggs
  • Maldon salt | black pepper | evoo
  • 1/2 red onion, thinly sliced half moons
  • some apple cider vinegar 


To make the Quick-Pickled Red Onions: 
Combine thinly sliced red onions with just enough apple cider vinegar to cover in a jar. Cover and shake so that the onions are coated. Let sit in the fridge for 20 minutes. 

1. Wilt the greens in a skillet with some water and salt. A few minutes, until wilted.
2. Fry the eggs over-easy or over-medium in some evoo with salt and pepper. 
3. While the eggs are frying, warm the corn tortillas, preferably over a gas stove. 
4. Assembly: place corn tortilla on an individual plate; add wilted greens first; then the fried egg; top with the Quick-Pickled Red Onions. Sometimes I add feta and avocado! 
5. Fold it up like a taco and eat it! 

Et voila. Best super quick breakfast ever.