Iraq + Iran: Middle East Grill Fest


I can see it's been a while. Hello, I missed you. How are you?

Last weekend, Tal and I drove up to San Francisco to see friends and their respective cats. We listened to a podcast called Back to Work with Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin that my younger brother suggested. You should check it out if you struggle with ohyouknow procrastination, motivation, an overwhelming amount of someday-maybe projects. The first few episodes are slow, somewhat of a setup but trust me it gets good. I really recommend season 1 episode 7 for the twenty-somethings who feel lost. He also really puts into perspective first world problems. Look, I have a wonderful partner, a beautiful apartment, a fun job, friends, family, hobbies, food -- what do I have to complain about? Sure my job pays just barely enough to get by, but I am getting by just fine. First world problems. 

For those of you who have read The Artist's Way -- which I have not but have been told many times to do so -- Merlin suggests a pretty neat website called to fulfill the daily three page "morning pages" to help get the creative energy going for the rest of the day. I started yesterday and am really excited to continue because nothing helps me organize my thoughts better than writing. It is entirely private but there are these really interesting stat generators on the page that make evident things that you might overlook about yourself. For example, yesterday I was introverted, positive, uncertain, and feeling. (I'm not exactly sure what that last one means). It takes something like seven days of writing for more accurate results.

Okay but seriously it's summer and let's talk about this grill-fest my friends Pedrum and Nima had about a week ago at their new house off of Mulholland.

Side note: I recognize that I am extremely lucky to have friends and family who can actually cook. Who wants to live a life where a potluck translates chips and soda? This delicious potluck barbeque was entirely homemade thanks to Pedrum, Delia, Hasen, Nima, my mom, Pedrum's mom, Pedrum's cousin Sara who just moved to LA from Tehran, oh and me. Just look!




Grilled Meats:

skewered shrimp, skewered salmon with bell peppers, grilled beef, grilled chicken, various sausages

Grilled Veggies:

zucchini, tomatoes, scallions, corn


summer bean salad


red cabbage salad

diced cucumber-tomato salad

Delia's Special Menu:

fancy mac-and-cheese

stuffed-breaded portobello