The Salads of Summer / #01

Summer solstice may not have technically arrived yet, but all other signs of summer have already hit southern California. Yeah, summer in Los Angeles is going to be really, really hot. Luckily, I will miss much of it when I head out to Istanbul -- and various Turkish and European cities! -- for the summer. Summer calls for things like watermelon, lounging by a body of water, iced peach rooibos tea, outdoor eating, lemon and olive oil on everything, and, of course, salads. 

And so it begins: the salads of summer. 

Mediterranean Salad 


  • cherry tomatoes, halved
  • cucumbers, diced
  • red onions, thinly sliced half moons 
  • arugula, finely chopped
  • chickpeas 
  • kalamata olives, seeded 
  • feta, 1/4" cubes, preferably Bulgarian feta
  • avocado, diced
  • dressing: evoo | lemon juice | Maldon salt | black pepper | sumac 


1. Quickly whisk dressing ingredients in a small bowl. 
2. Combine all salad ingredients, toss with dressing.


1. Add as much as you like of each ingredient. Summer salads are relaxed. 
2. Summer salads are simple. Eat outside. Nap immediately afterwards.